Algorithmic stable coin platform Zoo Cash will be launched on BSC, adopts B-series mining

Built on Binance smart chain BSC, multi-token incentivized and algorithmic stable coin DeFi platform Zoo Cash “Zoo” will soon be official launched. “Zoo” adopts an algorithmic stable coin mechanism leveraged by multiple tokens which is similar to Basis Cash, and anchors main Binance B-series crypto assets. The platform will integrate with other major DeFi protocols on the market in the future.

Multi-token incentivized and algorithmic stable coins will not use collaterals to maintain the stable price, and instead issue multiple tokens to self-adjust the price to $1 through incentive algorithms.

The tokens issued by the Zoo Cash “Zoo” include the stable coin “Tiger” TCCX, which is aimed to $1 through algorithm; the “dividends” coin “Dog” DCSX, which is distributed as profit sharing when new “Tiger” TCCX is issued; and the “Fox” FCBX Bond currency - when the value of “Tiger” TCCX is less than $1, users can buy bond currency with a discount and redeem it after the price gets back to $1. Through algorithm with “Dog” and “Fox”, the price of the “Tiger” is expected to be stabilized at around $1.

The Zoo Cash “Zoo” is developed and deployed on the Binance smart chain BSC. BSC is a decentralized and energy-saving public chain fully compatible with EVM, which can provide developers with an efficient and low-cost on-chain environment to run decentralized smart contract applications (DApps) and to store digital assets.

Zoo Cash’s token distribution will be prioritized to the whitelisted users who have contributed to the community and hold Binance B-series assets. The first group of mining assets will be Bdoge, Bdot, USD and Wbnb.

Binance B-series assets are digital assets issued with ERC20 standard. While ensuring the same value as mainstream crypto-currencies, B-series assets also provide them with flexibility on Ethereum, which will attract more users to benefit from the development of DeFi, accelerate the construction of the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem, and promote the growth of Ethereum’s asset scale.

Whitelisted users can obtain the “Tiger” TCCX by collateralizing designated Binance assets in the first mining pool, and then provide the liquidity of TCCX or FCSX pairs through the second mining pool. Users will then receive the higher-yield dividend “Doge” DCSX in the following year.

Zoo Cash will firstly open Bdoge, Bdot, USD and Wbnb mining and connect with Doge and Polkadot community, providing liquidity scenarios for Doge, Dot and BNB holders. Qualified whitelist users can stake these assets and earn TCCX and FCSX.

The first round of whitelist application is open now.

Check our official website:

Apply for whitelist and earn up to 1500 TCCX.

Join telegram group for details or

“Dog” DCSX

DCSX “Dog” is the “dividends” token of Zoo Cash. Holding DCSX is equivalent to owning the equity of Zoo Cash. When the stable currency TCCX is issued, whoever owns DCSX will enjoy the right to additional dividends. DCSX is also the most important token in Zoo Cash liquidity mining. As Zoo Cash’s TCCX liquidity increases, its value growth will be reflected in the price of DCSX.




Incentivized Algorithm Stable Coin DeFi Platform — the “ZOO” Developed on Binance and Anchoring B-series assets

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Incentivized Algorithm Stable Coin DeFi Platform — the “ZOO” Developed on Binance and Anchoring B-series assets

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